Thursday, 7 January 2016

You Might Be a Dealer

I've sat and read a dozen-odd columns and articles over the President's order on guns given this week.  I've come to this one basic conclusion.  No matter who you are....what state you live in.....if you own a gun, you are a dealer (under his effective executive order).

The minute you try to sell your old shotgun or a pistol in your collection.....even to your cousin, or to your co-worker at the fit the description of "dealer".

In essence, we are now a nation of 300-million citizens and dealers.  We are all dealers.....if we own a weapon.

Six months down the road....there will likely be another executive order.....if you are recognized as a need to attend a dealer class and be dealer-certified.

As time goes'd add more and more rules....just upon dealers...not guns themselves.

Yeah, we are going through a change system where they admit they can't do anything about the gun laws but they can bring change or effect to dealer laws.

Your Republicans in charge?  If you kinda notice.....they aren't doing much of anything since the new executive order came out.  It suggests that even they are buying off on the new logic.