Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Driverless Car Story

I sat kinda amazed at a DC news story today.  The Obama administration wants to spend $3.9 billion of your money (tax revenue).....on driverless car technology.

It's a curious technology which I've been following for the past year.  In Germany....they've ordered the transportation ministry to proceed and write the draft regulation for such cars to be on the road.  They actually have a deadline to complete this within the next two years.  If you look at commentary across the spectrum.....most of the insider people think Germany will actually see the first such car by 2019.

The leaders of such technology?  Ford? No.  Chevy?  No.  GM?  No.

Presently, there's only three car companies at the very top of this development cycle....Mercedes, Tesla, and Volvo.  Based on various articles, it would appear that Toyota is a step behind the three.

The other players?  Google and Apple.  Neither have explained how a non-car company figures the value of this investment and where this will end up.

Why draft up an idea to spend $3.9 billion of US tax revenue?  That's the curious thing.  If they do absolutely'll still be developed and likely in operation within five years.  My guess is that the big three of car makers kinda mis-prioritized their agenda and their strategy.....probably ten to twelve years down the line is lagging.  They need to beat out Volvo, Mercedes and Tesla.

Course, you ought to ask yourself.....why not press the big three US companies to partner up with Google or Apple?  They'd jump-start their strategy.  But then they'd miss out on the $3.9 billion in pocket change.

Somewhere in the middle of this?  The Republicans in the House and Senate.....never missing a beat to spend money in a wasteful fashion.

So, when you hear about the money and this crazy idea to spend a fantastic amount to get this know the gimmick.  And don't be surprised if after they spend the $3.9 billion....they end having to buy Volvo  or Tesla to get the insider deal.