Friday, 22 January 2016

The Chess Syndrome

I noticed some mention of a new video which has come out from the top Islamic cleric of Saudi Arabia.  For some reason,, he got dragged into a discussion on the game of chess.

Naturally, he reviewed doctrine, the Quran, and pondered over the subject.....then came to the decision that it is forbidden.

Chief reason?  It wastes time and leads onto conflict and jealousy, in inflamed situation that is unnecessary.

It will disturb quiet a number of Muslim intellectuals.....who tend to play chess on a weekly basis.

The original nature of chess isn't factual.  Some people have done research and say it started around the sixth century in India.  Based on trade routes and people always looking for new things to trade and moved fairly quickly out into Persia.  After Muhammad's campaign to engulf the Arab community into one religion....along the way was this attachment to chess.  Once most of the Arab world was safely was also safely pro-chess.

So for roughly 1,300 years....chess has been accepted by the Muslim community.  It didn't matter if we were talking Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya or Turkey.

My humble guess is that a number of people within the Muslim community are going to look at this discussion, and now ask the really stupid question....what exactly leads onto rivalry, wasted effort, enraged feelings, and incitement to riot?   If this Saudi religious cleric were standing there....he'd start to grin and know that they were onto his game.

How many chess boards exist in Saudi Arabia?  I'd take a wild guess....with 28 million residents....that at least one million chess boards exist.  Will some religious cops start to check out houses?

When you start to worry about things like've probably painted yourself into a corner, and burned down the last remaining wooden bridge that you could cross back into reality.