Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Cruz - Trump - Rubio

The Iowa results are finished.  Cruz wins with a few extra points.....Trump barely comes ahead of Rubio in second place.

If I were Trump, I'd be pretty happy.  If I were Cruz....I'd be in hog-heaven.  If I were Jeb.....well....I'd probably go ahead and resign from the race.

It's mostly a two-man race now.....oddly down from the fifteen-odd characters that we had from nine months ago.  Over the next two weeks....several folks will downsize drastically or just quit.

Does Iowa mean much?  No.  Historically, winning Iowa doesn't mean that you will be the leader going into the convention.  That's probably something that should worry Cruz a bit.

Could Trump have done better?  I'm not sure about that.  Trump probably isn't the kind of character that appeals to the typical rural farmer guy in Iowa.

As for the three remaining primary episodes here in the beginning?  If Cruz were to win all three....it'd be a miracle.  I think Trump will likely take all three and shift the election back into his direction.