Friday, 5 February 2016

If I Were Going To Rewrite The Constitution

NPR did a piece yesterday....on state-by-state efforts to call for a Constitutional Convention.  Basically, they are up to five solid states.  It doesn't mean much.....but you can never tell if people would get that crazy.  So if I were rewriting the Constitution?  My ten changes:

1.  Senators are limited to two terms.  If you get appointed to fill out some retiring guy, that's term one for that month or year.  Representatives would be limited to twelve years of service in the House.

2.  A national election is limited to only citizens of the nation, and thus proven by an ID at the polling location.  States can determine how they recognize your citizenship, but a formal fee will be built into the system of $25,000 for non-Americans voting and caught later.  The $25,000 will be split among the person who identified the non-citizen and the county register's office.

3.  Congress will be solely responsible for the budget.  The Senate will have no say over the budget.  The President may veto the budget, but the House can over-ride his veto with a 51-percent vote.

4. No Senator or House Member must reside for 30 days of the year in their home state.  If they miss the requirement, then the House may bar them from participating in matters of state.

5.  The House will be given three years to arrive at a method of a balanced budget.  Failure to do so?  A six-percent budget cut will occur on the 4th year, and continue until they've reached a balanced budget.

6.  No tax may be passed onto citizens of the United States by the House, unless twenty-six states meet and agree upon the additional burden.

7.  Presidents are forbidden from appearing on comedy shows.

8.  Any money paid to House or Senate members for appearances on TV shows.....must be handed over to the Federal government.

9.  Half of all national forest property must be handed over to individual states within a ten-year period.  States will be required to maintain the forest but at their discretion..

10.  The President will be limited to 21 days a year outside of the US border.  Failure to do so will result in a twenty-five percent pay-cut for the year.