Friday, 12 February 2016

My Theory on DC and Snow

Upon arrival in DC in January of 2010.....within four weeks....a massive snow storm came over three days and basically dumped around three feet of snow on the ground.

After that period....I came to notice that just about everyone would freak out if any kind of snow was predicted, and mass traffic jams would occur as people tried to 'escape' before the storm arrived.  Even if this were a one-inch episode.....people freaked out.

I asked one of the folks who'd lived in DC for a twenty years about this snow thing.  He noted that prior to the 'Snowmageddon' episode in January of 2010.....most snow storms consisted of an inch or two, and no one freaked out.  His belief was that Snowmaggeddon changed everyone's perception of snowfall and the urgent need to get home.

So I have this theory about the freaked nature of people  A guy can live in Alabama for fifty years of his life and watch 250 tornado watches occur, and never get freaked.  The day that comes when there is finally a funnel cloud and real damage within three miles of his house?  That's the day that changes him forever and always makes him worried....even if it was just a watch instead of a warning.

People attach themselves to that experience....even if they really weren't roughed up or hurt.

So the DC crowd act the same way.  That one episode (Snowmaggeddon) with three feet of snow....has warped their sense of perception.  Even just an a terrible thing.