Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Whole Deal to Trump University?

Ok, so here's the thing you need to get into your head.....across the globe and the US....there are probably a thousand fake university programs.

How does one define fake?

Well, you basically open up a college and avoid the accreditation practice where some private or public organization examines your instruction practice, your professor staff, and comes to a conclusion that you look authentic.

Tennessee Bible College?  It's been around for four decades and is basically a place where you go to get some certificate to claim you are minister-qualified and make some folks happy to hire a certified minister.  Fake, but at least they do produce ministers.

North Lexington University, Mass?  It's a place where you pay some money....get an evaluation....and eventually get a certificate.  It's not accredited by anyone.  The diploma looks nice and maybe it'd help you with a promotion.

Fairfax University in Louisiana?  Fake.  They did go out of business around 2004, and there's been talk of it coming back....maybe on some island in the Caribbean.

There are literally hundreds of these organizations which just simply operate a nifty web site.....have some fake-talking professors.....pretend to teach something, and then take your money for a certificate.

So, on top of that....there are the accredited university operations.....which basically take your money and use real professors, then waste years of your time teaching you useless information, but at least it's accredited.  You feel good coming out of state university with this piece of paper, but the knowledge you gained over four years?  Worthless.  I won't call it a fake deal.....but it might as well be fake.

So people like Trump figured this all out.  Why not offer seminars on how to run a business, define business objectives, find successful formulas, and generate real income?

At the conclusion of these seminars.....you do a evaluation phase and walk give some grade to the actual university itself.  Amazingly, Trump's people found some competent 'instructors' and they gave lectures which people gave fairly decent grades over.

In this case, people paid money to get smart, and the lecture teams gave them that knowledge.  At some point, maybe success simply ran out or they hired some incompetent lecture people.....but it simply came to a negative phase.

Some people toward this end....want their money back.  In a comic way.....some state prosecutors have jumped in and want to make this a massive case.....to get some points off public attention.  If the state prosecutors lose?  Well....yeah, that's going to be a problem to explain if they ever run for office again.

How many people would like to sue real accredited colleges over real degrees that are now regarded as worthless?  That's a curious question to ask.  I'd take a guess that well over one million people are walking around and have such worthless degrees, and owe someone tens of thousands on college loans.  Will these state prosecutors waste time on this?  No.

So, if you were looking for some amazing story about one single unique fake university which got caught by the amazingly brilliant and great legal minds of America.....well....you'd best just keep looking.  Some folks deserve their money back, but the rest of this is a bogus opera with no real acting and nothing worth discussing.