Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Cycle

If voting made any difference.....they wouldn't let us do it.

-- Mark Twain

I am cynical and sarcastic in older years, believing in fewer things as I grow older.  I have no doubt that the Republican Party would like for me to think that they will save old bastards, children, the afflicted, decent Christian folks, frackers, hypocrites, and the Republic.  I also have no doubt that the Democratic Party would like for me to believe that they will save minorities, university professors, illegals, union guys, the environment, farmers, Californians, American Indians, dopers, gays, anyone afflicted with any disease, decayed urban areas, and the Republic.

It's really a collection of oddball characters who all think that they are there to save the world.  In the world.....they mostly talking about saving the world, but it's mostly just hype.

I think this is one reason why Trump appeals to some people.  He's a business guy, not a political figure.  We seem destined in our heart to long for someone who doesn't have any appeal to save the world.

A hopeless maze for people looking for someone to restructure America, save all of society, and give us faith?  Yeah, that's pretty much it.

If you sat down in 1900 and wrote the requirements that regular people felt that the President ought to accomplish or demonstrate? might have gotten up to a dozen things.  Today?  There's probably three-hundred attributes, personality characteristics, educational accomplishments, and fake resume items required for the typical American President.

We used to freak out if any President had a divorce in their background, or did huff on some marijuana.  We've apparently gotten past that point now.  It won't even freak out people if some Presidential candidate never had real job in their life other than politician, or has some Cuban-sounded last name.

What'll happen in January of 2017?  My humble guess is some uplifted feelings, and by June.....we mostly start sliding to feeling that maybe we should have voted differently.  The positive to this?  Well, you only have to wait 3.5 years to vote for another character to come and save us once again.