Monday, 21 March 2016

When Hooligans Lean On You

If you live in Europe, you recognize hooliganism rather quickly.  It's when a crowd has reached a state of activity.....that is disruptive and usually unlawful.  It's behavior that includes rioting, bullying, and vandalism.

Typically, at least in the beginning....hooliganism was mostly used at sporting events.  After a while, the smart guys who were into politics....figure out that hooliganism was a great tool to use.  It got them headlines, and forced, state, or national appear and get defensive.  Or you'd have hurt and injured hooligans that pleaded with society that they were so innocent and the cops involved were so evil and out-of-control.

When you watch the crowds in these Trump events do their hooliganism admire the copy-cat nature.  They can't really improve upon it.  Even the news media attachment is locked down to the same reaction....the same screen pictures....the same commentary, and the public is left to guess what really happened or who really is guilty of what.

The thing about that you have to ask yourself in the you really want thug or hooligans running your life, your government, or your future?

If these were Amish, or registered veterinarians, or professional rodeo'd sit and listen to the discussion and maybe give them some chance to explain their woes, and political stance.  But when the conversation starts out with just some blanket statement of "Trump is a fascist".....well, isn't that what Republicans said in 2008 of Senator Obama?  It's a lot of chatter....with fascist-this and fascist-that going on.

For the record, fascism is when a government (usually elected into power, and includes not just a President, but Senators and Representatives) a centralized authority under a dictator, with an economy run by stringent governmental controls (like we observed after 1932 in America), with both violent and non-violent suppression of the opposition.  Somewhere in the heart and soul of this fascism government, there will typically be some element of racism, favoritism, and a strong dose of nationalism.  Fanaticism, and zeal for trendy topics will usually exist but no roots to some long-term binding topic.

When you stop the hooligan in the act of his 'game'.....asking about this label he's dumped on someone and he utters fascism.....then stop him for a moment and ask for him to define fascism.  See if he stands in some worried or panic look....because he didn't really memorize what his thug boss spoke about.

The sad thing about this current trend.....if you asked a hundred people observing these hooligan acts about it changing them or motivating them into a different political view.  Most will say they stand against the hooligans and their agenda.  Violent acts rarely change people....that's the blunt side of human perception.  The idea that you'd go and vote for someone else....if a thug just did some comical song-and-dance routine?

In a way, it's great theater out of some Italian tragic opera, with some guy yelling about some pain in his gut.....but the 'fat-gal' comes out toward the end and belts a song or two, then the 'show' ends as you expect.  It may be a Trump opera....but the hooligans are just actors and you mostly laugh over their marginal acting.