Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What Really Happened in the Republican Primary

It is one of those odds stories.  Over 520 million dollars has been expanded over the past year, in an effort by various candidates and groups.....to out-trump Trump.  So far, it can best be described a pretty good waste of money.

Half-a-billion, and nothing much worth bragging about.  It was tossed around to VIP talking 'dogs', consultants or pretender-consultants, radio advertising, TV advertisements, and fancy hotels for all the various players.

So imagine what it would have been like a year ago....instead of sixteen different players and piles of cash floating from special interest group to special interest group....if there had been ONLY Trump and three viable candidates.  Imagine an election without Jeb Bush, Graham, or Perry.

More cash to Rubio and Cruz?  They would have done better in Iowa and the first five state primaries.

In a way, the Republican Party screwed up in a major way, and allowed so many people to step in and take capital that would have helped a non-Jeb Bush primary to occur, and taken down Trump in Iowa to maybe a fourth-place finish.
Presently, I'd say the leadership of the Republican Party has demonstrated a fairly significant level of incompetence and bad handling.  They deserve, in a harsh way....a Trump presidency.