Sunday, 17 April 2016

Losers for Leaders

It came out in full force yesterday.....there's been this bill drifting around the Senate and House concerning legal matters and allowing Americans or the government to sue the people who finance terrorism.  What it really concerns is 9-11, and 28 lousy pages of heavily classified material (still highly secret today) and what the commission discovered in the year after 9-11.....that private individuals and perhaps members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia helped to finance the terror attack.

This bill....drafted by a Republican and Democratic senator....had broad appeal from both sides of the aisle.

About a month ago....the Saudi Secretary of State arrived in DC,and laid down the "law" on President Obama.  He has to stop the bill from being passed.  If he doesn't.....Saudi Arabia will sell 750 billion dollars of US treasury notes....dumping them on the market.....and send the US into a tailspin.  My humble guess is that it'd take six months of massive economic issues to recover from this dumping of the notes.  I should note as well.....while the first wave of sales might get 100-percent value for the hours and days go by....each wave will be of less value.  Somewhere around the 500-billion'll be a half-price sale.....maybe even less.  The Saudis by the end of their great guess is that they will hold 400 billion of what was a billfold worth 750-billion before.  For them, it's a massive loss.

So you turn and start asking stupid questions.

Did Bush, Cheney and company know that the Saudis (private citizens) were behind 9-11?  If so, why both messing with Iraq, or starting the Iraq war?

Did President Obama, and VP Biden know of the situation.....the 28 page document, and do nothing?

Since 9-11, and the lack of action against the Saudi sponsors.....did various US political figures (Bush in his re-election, John Kerry, Senator Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other Senators and House members) get cash contributions to ensure that they'd stay with the "keep quiet" stance?

These punk Saudis who financed bits and pieces of 9-11.....what exactly have they been doing the past decade?  Did they finance ISIS?  Did they finance various campaigns in Europe?  Have they caused hundreds and thousands of deaths?

What news groups are paid by Saudi lobbyists?

With the threat to sell US treasury notes by Saudi Arabia....what idiot as President would treat them as a "friend"?

If President Obama refuses to release the 28-page document, what does it say about his legacy...if the next guy releases it?

All of this leads back to two big negative feelings.  Bush and company were so close to the Saudi government, that they refused to identify the true culprits of 9-11, and we are being threatened with economic destruction by the Saudi government.

The reality is.....we have losers for leaders.  And it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth.