Friday, 22 April 2016

The Tubman $20

Somewhere in the next ten years.....the Jackson $20 will be retired, and the Tubman $20 will be issued.

There are three trains of thought to this.  One....we continually need to upgrade bills and make them tamper-proof.....counterfeit-proof, so it's time to move on.  Second, we should recognize other people besides political figures.  Some would argue that we need to recognize people of color or ethnic origin as well.  Third, we need to do this.....just to be different (it's a sad admission, but this is America).

Here's the thing about getting upset over this whole thing.  The odds are heavily stacked that the Tubman $20 will be around for five to seven years max.  We will have accepted change, and be easily persuaded within three years that Tubman has been on the $20 let's move onto the next person.....some NCAA football coach or WW II general.

My gut feeling is that this will open the door and make it simple to accept continual changes to the $20 bill.