Monday, 25 April 2016

154 Hours....Without Sleep?

I sat this afternoon....reading a piece from the London Telegraph on Prince and his death.  Someone close to the guy noted that the evening in questions (his last evening alive).....he'd gone apparently 154 hours straight (6.5 days).....without sleep.

You typically can only do this....with the aide of drugs and caffeine.

There were a couple of occasions in the 1978/1979 time frame, where I went forty-odd hours straight.  Over the past decade, I've even done a couple of periods of eight hours of sleep total over a three day period.

Last year, my local regional German network (HR) did a piece where their junior reporter attempted to go 72 hours without any sleep at all.  Concentration-wise, she was pretty much screwed up by the 48th hour.

My guess is that Prince got hyped up on some medication....added more medication to the normal supplement, and just kept cruising.  No one was standing there to stop him, and he finally just collapsed.  Kind of a stupid way to go, but these can buy whatever you desire.