Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What Went Wrong with Ted?

When you look back over the past twelve start to ask did this all come down and go south with Ted.

Well....I'm of the opposite variety.  I kinda think that Ted took a three-cylinder forty-horsepower Yugo-type car, and pushed it to the maximum extreme possible.  Ted just wasn't built to be on the national theater, or to be appreciated by tens of millions, and he simply couldn't debate his way to the office of the Presidency (I do agree.....he is the best debater in existence within the Senate today and probably one of the three best within ten miles of DC itself).

Ted didn't have that great of a name around other Republicans (remember his anti-GOP rhetoric at times four years ago).

Ted was all glorified by the religious right.

Ted had the qualifications for the Supreme Court, not the Presidency.

Ted had some suggestions of a Bill Clinton-nature dumped on him, and never really explained things well enough to walk away.

Ted  got some bolt of lightning-stupid hit him....when he said he had this vice-president idea, and attached Carly Fiorina to his campaign.  For every vote that he got with her on the team.....he lost another vote because of her.

Ted demonized Donald Trump but it was the kind of negativity that stuck with Ted....making him look less than nice on the screen.

In the end, some big name donors and fake GOP-supporters attached themselves to Ted's cause because....well....all the other crappy but fake GOP wannabe-President players had come and gone, and since Jeb couldn't be President....well, they'd stick with Ted.   So Ted ran for six weeks with all this fakness around him.....instead of the other non-existing candidates.

Ted can go back to the Senate now and hope that maybe President Trump (what probably will happen) will have some positive feel for Ted, and maybe in 2017....when there's that open Supreme Court position hanging there.....that maybe Donald will put Ted up and all things will be Ted goes and does thirty years of Supreme Court duty.

So, Ted didn't really screw up.....he just did the best he could with what marginal skills and presentation-lacking ability that he had. just can't be the NCAA football champions because you weren't of the quality that you pretended to be (like Boise State for example).