Sunday, 15 May 2016


I spent this weekend at a late 1800's hotel in Kassel, Germany.

One of the key things of interest in this old that just about everything in it....was grounded.

The radiator pipes leading into the room.....grounded.

The water drainage pipes?  Grounded.

I looked at the way it was done.....not the stuff from some amateur or fly-by-night guy.....all professionally done.

Why?  Unknown.

Maybe Kassel has more lightning than normal.  Maybe the hotel (sitting on a ridge of town) has more lightning strikes than normal.  Maybe they've had five or six guests struck by lightning.

In my Air Force years....we grounded a couple of buildings and facilities.....usually from 'big' hits and simply lessons learned.  But I can't recall a hotel or regular building having this kind of effort made.