Monday, 16 May 2016

Where the Transgender Talk Will End

At some point in this whole discussion.....someone will quietly bring up that federal,, state, and local prisoners.....need to be able to self-identify themselves and have their own transgender status.  So a guy sitting in maximum security at such-and-such state prison will stand up and say he's self-identified himself as a woman.  The President's rules.....would have to work, and we can guess the reality here.  The prison system will not engage upon this.  It would become complicated and suddenly offer dangerous avenues that virtually no one wants to create.

Oddly, no one has brought this up....preferring to go after the schools first and intimidate or provoke them.

It's hard to see how this ever got brought up on the President's staff and became a top ten subject.  It simply charges up the public to be either for-or-against, and depending on what state you are might be a political-killer.

The law school connected to UCLA did a study, which is a statistical analysis, but without a real solid platform.  They say across the US.....there are approximately 700,000 transgenders.  State-by-state?  No one has ever carried it to the length and the trend (at least by journalists) is that it is growing.

Based on some reading....there has to be a minimum of a dozen sub-categories under transgender.....some of which require operations or steroids......some which just require you to wear clothing to be happy.

The pinnacle of this trend?  People want to reach a level of happiness.  If it means you want to tap-dance, speak Latin, carve Indian Totem Poles, race motorcycles, or have $25,000 worth of plastic surgery done to look 'almost-female'.....that's the pursuit of happiness.

"Sex-change-reversal"?  Well, this word got invented about a decade and now occurs.  No one cites statistics or numbers.....mostly I think because you ridicule by the community and harm a trend.  This is where Mr X went through all the procedures, did the surgery and got the hormone treatment, endeared hours and hours of psychological counseling to help convince them of the change......then came to realize they didn't reach that level of happiness, and in fact.....were less happy than before.

There are 26,407 public high schools in America (2014 numbers).  How many have some kid with transgender status?  Unknown.

At some point, I expect some guys to come up in a high school, and self-identify as girls.....then demand that they be allowed to play girl's sports (field hockey or basketball for example), and a bunch of people get disturbed by this because they think it's unfair.  In some ways, I think this is just inviting chaos but it's the kind of chaos that some political folks get happy and charged-up about.

I expect within the next year......some father will sign paperwork and present it to some school.....self-identifying his son as a "horse" and expect the school to allow the kid to "graze" at lunch-time, and defecate in that field.  The school will say 'no', and then some legal procedure will start up.  If transgender kids have rights.....then trans-horse kids do as well.

Some federal judge will look at this trend and then realize that trans-whatever will occur and the school system isn't where you practice politics or play mind-games.  That's the point where this all stops.

It's an interesting trend.  You could have trans-Hitler people, trans-Chinese people, trans-vampire people, and maybe even trans-adults (this is where a 12-year old kid tries to convince himself that he's really an adult, when he's not).

It is a bold new world out there.