Thursday, 19 May 2016

Do We Really Need MacGyver Version 2.0?

CBS is apparently stupid enough and desperate bring back MacGyver one more time....with a new version of the dynamic one-man wrecking squad.

There were 139 episodes made of MacGyver...from 1985 to 1992.

To be honest, from this seven-year period.....I probably watched a total of four episodes.  After the series ended and over the past 20 years.....I've watched another four.

The scripting always seemed to me to be written by a 12-year old kid with some drunk science teacher dictating what happens in each episode, and how to mix X and Y to get an explosive cocktail from bathroom cleaners.  The curious thing I noted after each show one ever least from the eight episodes I watched.  Bad guys just shock their fist at MacGyver as he flew off, or crossed the international border safely.

Why a reboot and bringing the series back?  Well.....let's just admit it.....the networks have used up just about every ounce of creative talent that they've got, and can't think of anything really great to start fresh from.

It would be interesting if they'd go back to season one of the Andy Griffith Show, and toss the script for each show in the middle of a room, and bring each week five or six big-name guests play the parts of Andy, Barney, Goober, Aunt Bea and Otis.  Run through the whole season with 200 guests in the spotlight and each getting a chance to play Aunt Bea.  Maybe at the end of the season....have a vote on the best Barney or the best Otis.

What does this mean for the fall and the TV season?  Well....if you planning a massive 400-hour repair job....maybe it's time to start and just forget about TV for one entire season.  Just some humble advice.