Saturday, 21 May 2016

"Make Rome Great Again"

At some point around the third century....probably around the 238 to 284 AD period....things of a unstable political crisis continued on and on....starting a downward trend for Rome.

Emperor Diocletian came onboard in 284 AD and spent twenty-one years trying to make Rome great again.  Economic reforms were noted but no one today really says much over this changing the path of Rome and its continued spiral.

Constantine I came along in 306 AD for 31 years and erected Constantinople....plugged in Christianity as the state religion and forced all Romans to convert.  The downward trend for Rome continued on.

The war with the Visigoths in 376....which continued on for six years?  It came to an uneasy truce which lasted for a couple of years and then started back up.  The peak of this Rome versus the Visigoths occurred with the Battle of Adrianopole in 378.  It's curious to note that an army of rag-tag Germanic tribes under the Visigoths banner would defeat the Roman army at Adrianopole and kill the Emperor (Valens) at the time.

So, we come to Emperor Theodosius I, who ruled for eighteen years (starting in 379).  He set the priority to unite western and eastern areas of Rome into one cohesive unit.  One of his top priorities which disconnected him from a large segment of Rome?  The push to make Christianity the one and only religion of Rome.  As much as he wanted everyone to unit with him to make one central religion in Rome.....the general public just didn't buy off on the unity talk.

After 406....there's not much 'great' left in Rome with various groups invading sections of the empire and the country unable to react in defensive fashion.

Around 410, the Visigoths came back for another round with Rome....led by King Alaric.  Rome itself was invaded this time around.

It's curious to go back and look at almost a 130-year period that Rome tried to 'make itself great again' and failed miserably....year after year.

Emperor after emperor came and went.....all with various priorities, new agendas, tough talk, enthusiastic charm, and legendary charisma. Nothing ever changed the path of Rome.

You kinda look at the current chat going on in the heartland of America and how it relates a good bit to Rome.  Some people talk of things possibly changing.....maybe making America great again.  I look at history and particularly the Roman period, and just note that nothing ever connected Rome to some significant change in attitude or adjusted their path.   They were doomed.

So pardon me....if I am a bit cynical or disbelieving in change coming to America.