Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Just Something To Wonder About

Donald Trump brought up the Vince Foster episode today.....which is tied back to Hillary and Bill Clinton from 1993.  He didn't say much, but a quote gets picked up and people go back to discuss this matter again.

I went and did some old research and there's this one odd thing that stands out today.

Vince Foster is found in the Fort Marcy Park....on the Virginia side of the Potomac River, near Chain Bridge.

It's a unique location.....mostly because VIPs all live next to the park on the Virginia side.  In 1993, from approximately 600 to 700 feet away from where the body is found....is the residence of the Saudi ambassador to DC.   Cops did ask if the guards heard any shots from that evening, which they have an active patrol and people out there protecting the guy, and they said no.

Today, that seems odd because within 700 feet....you'd hear a gunshot.

So, I went off to read up on Foster, and the Saudis.  There is this odd relationship and function for Foster.....he's the insider guy for Saudis to get quick and easy visas with the Clinton administration.  No one ever mentions this much.

This house that the Saudi ambassador lives in on road next to Chain Bridge?  It's curious because around March of 1993.....he bought the house next door to him.....which makes that house only 500 feet away from the area of the body.

Two ultra up-scale homes owned by the royal family?  Yeah.  Not unusual, but you have to wonder.....who was the guest of the 2nd home around the night of Foster dying.

So, you go back to March of 1993, and there's this odd piece of US history.....this was when the first attempt was made by some radicals (Saudi-background) on the North Tower of the World Trade Tower.  It was a utter failure.  Cops got the guys involved, and people just wrote it down as good police work.

After this attempt, you get to a point of wondering....since episode one failed....could someone within the royal family group have the enthusiasm to attempt a quick come-back and needs to bring a couple of guys into the US with a quick visa.....and Foster asks some really stupid questions at this meeting because he wonders about the March attack and the connection of the Saudis?

Twenty years ago.....no one ever said much about the Saudis and connectivity to 9-11.  Today?  You just look over the visa business, money being spread around, and just start to ask stupid questions about who was on the inside of what, and did something wicked happen to a guy who just stumbled onto some bold terrorist agenda?

Trump brings this up.....but with things in the open today.....it just makes you wonder.....who was staying at the 2nd residence of the ambassador on the night of Foster being found.