Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bernie and Oregon

Over my life, I've made three trips (road-trips to be precise) through Oregon.  On my list of favorite ranks up in the top three, and I have to's a state that everyone ought to go and visit.  That said.....I should also note that there are a fair number of radicals, crazies, primitive lunatics, deranged intellectuals, and unbalanced liberals or conservatives (take your pick).

The reason I bring this up is the state primary came up about ten days ago and Bernie Saunders took a huge win out of Oregon.

What can be said after the results were analyzed by various that out of the thirty-odd counties and their count.....there's only ONE single county where Hillary won.  The include Portland....went Bernie.

The Bernie message?  Based on the Oregon I's really a theme about anti-capitalism that Bernie sold to Oregon voters, and they bought.  Maybe in a quarter of the votes for Bernie....there's also this anti-Hillary theme at work, where people simply note her limited resume and top highlight as being the 'wife-of-Bill'.....which doesn't really tug much on the heartstrings of Oregon residents.

Will they support Hillary in November?  Some Bernie supporters might....but around half will probably find some third-party candidate to support.  I wouldn't count on many Hillary voters in Novembers out of Oregon....oddly, I think Trump will easily win the state.

I'm probably one of the few around that would like to see Oregon broke up into four better represent the public there.

I'd draw a 30-mile circle around Portland and just make it "Portlandia" (like the show) and make it marijuana-open.  Let's face it.....seventy-five percent of the adult population in Portland huffs at least one joint per day.

I'd toss the bulk of the center of the state (from north to south, and including the national parks and forests) into one single state....made up of mostly rural people and small towns.

I'd toss the whole coastline into one state.

And whatever remained would be some small state with the capital out of Baker City.