Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Armageddon Era

Armageddon is defined as some 'battle-of-all-battles' which results in the end-times, and causes you to possibly miss work, cease your day, or perhaps have a whole case of beer tonight after finishing up supper.

Depending on your choice of news networks or internet reading options....on a daily basis now, you get some healthy dose of Armageddon on a daily basis.

There's seventy people shot in Chicago over the weekend, and it shouldn't really matter to you because you live almost 1,200 miles away.  But you get some two-minute update on this and hear mothers weep over constant shooting....but you sit there and just why some idiot would continue to live in a city like this.

Or you have some group of whales who beached themselves on some island in the Pacific, and you get three minutes of news over what happened and the reaction of some sixty-year-old tourist who happened upon the event.

Or you get a four-minute video piece from Greece on a refugee family who are stuck because they closed the they can't sneak up through four countries into Germany now.

Armageddon stories get told over and over each night.  The newspapers carry them regularly do the weekly news magazines.

Tomorrow morning, you will get up....put on your boots....get some house or farm chores done....shower and go off to work.  For some reason, you've conditioned yourself to just forget the Armageddon stories from last night, and just start fresh today.  The fact've come to treat such stories as pure entertainment now.

Kids are now conditioned this way.  Ministers might use some of the news themes for their weekly sermon but they know that in a one will remember this shooting from 1,500 miles away or this terrible Armageddon-event from Africa.  Grandma will hype some Armageddon episode from six months ago while chatting with folks at Wal-Mart but it's just one of six stories that she tends to repeat for conversation purposes....over and over and over.

One might question how we conditioned ourselves, or if we just seem amused by Armageddon now.  For the news folks?  I'm not sure they even care....they need an audience and this is the best way to get people to watch their shows.  Lets face it....if this were a six-minute news piece on dandruff, or dog food, or the best way to change tires.....well, we probably wouldn't watch it.

Just something to think about.