Wednesday, 8 June 2016

In the Year 2091

According to the State Department, at some point in the year 2091, they will have finished reviewing the 450,000 e-mails that Hillary Clinton received or sent on, and can then comply with the judge in this matter.

Now, I'm from Alabama and must profess....that 75 years is a bit of a stretch for a work-project.

How many presidents will come and go by 2091?  Probably 20 (assuming some might only be there four years).

How many employees in the State Department section that reviews the messages will come and go?  I might assume there are four people working in this section, and that most will ask to be transferred after six months statistically....around 600 to 1,000 people will have worked on this national task.

Using this scale and guessing when we might be able to make a Mars mission?  It''ll be at least 350 years.

By 2091.....Lady GaGa will be long forgotten.  Contact football will have been made illegal in six states.  The Detroit Lions will have won two NFL championships (to date, not a single one).  Cuba will have gone capitalist, then undergone another revolution to return to communist, and then undergone another revision back to capitalist.  The TV show Baywatch will have been remade six times.  And Hillary Clinton will be long they deliver the complete report.

I'm guessing the judge in this episode is a bit peeved and might just ask them to hand the documents in raw format over to him and he'll assign his people to read them and categorize them.

At some point in my life....I went off on 17 days of leave and came back to find around 380 emails in my mailbox.  It took around 90 minutes for me to clear 380 emails down to 20 emails that required attention or a response.   I'm not really buying into the 2091 year response.