Friday, 10 June 2016

Hillary To Pardon Herself?

I sat today and pondered this odd scenario.

Since Presidents have the power to pardon folks.....if we got to January of 2017 and President Hillary was in office, with some charges being floated....could she not just pardon herself?  I read through an hour of material and am surprised at the simple nature of Presidential pardons.

In 99-percent of cases, the answer is yes......she could pardon herself.

In the case of impeachment?  No.

If the Senate brought up impeachment charges.....they would have to have 66-percent of the Senate agree to the charges.  If not?  Then no impeachment.  She can't pardon away the process of impeachment.

Oddly, if President Obama and his staff slow this whole thing down.....even if charges do occur at some level after the inaugural.....with President Hillary in office....that's the end of this whole mess over the email business.

Let's face it....over half of the Senate Republicans really don't want Trump as President, and it makes sense to slow this mess down.....let Hillary win.....let her pardon federal charges away, and to fail to find the 66-percent vote necessary to impeach her.....and life goes on.

I's pretty stupid, but in this weird political's entirely possible.