Monday, 13 June 2016

The Can't Handle It People

There are people on this Earth, who we can probably say with some enthusiasm and remarkable candor....that they can't handle a fair number of things.

Some examples:

There are guys who just can't handle booze, of any type.  Even if you threaten them with jail-time or a label of alcoholic.....they can't handle booze.

There are gals who can't handle a credit card.  You can tell them bluntly that there's only 4,000 dollars on that account per year, and they will spend 10,000 dollars without any hesitation.

There are guys who can't handle ATVs, and will risk their life daily.....for nothing to be gained.

There are gals who can't handle pain-killers, and will degrade their liver enough in ten years....that they at a remarkably early age.

There are guys who can't handle honky-tonk women, and get deep into a relationship with some 'fireball' who is crazy to the maximum extent....and handcuffing them to a life of misery.

There are gals who can't handle stress, and they live through each day whining about the 99-different screw-ups of other people.

And there are people who can't handle religion....who seem to get some idea about hyped-up talk over a dead prophet from 1350 years ago about killing folks left and right.  These are the people who think that religion will do something for them, but other than talking about some virgin gals....they can't really cite much else.  These are also the people who are convinced that some talk that came from some angel to some prophet....was all fact, and not possibly made up to cover some empty pages on some book of advice.

In my youth, I had time and patience for the 'can't-handle-it' crowd.  As I grow older, I have less and less patience.  The can't-handle-it folks ought to have learned a few things but always seem to impress me with their stupidity and naive view of the big world.

There was a time when I'd meet someone and I'd check out their shoes, note their right-handed or left-handed nature, their hair-style or color, or their introduction theme.  These days, I kinda throw in a measurement of their 'can't-handle-it' situation.  Most folks will give some little indicator in the first ten minutes after you meet them......that says much of their can't-handle-it character.

To be honest, I'd like to lecture them a bit, and get them some peace within their heart and mind.  But most I think....just don't want advice....they are deep into the mess and don't want to walk out.  So we are stuck with them, at least for a while.

Observations over the Shooting

I've probably spent three hours this weekend, watching news and analysis of the shooting in Florida.  I've spent a fair amount of time.....pondering over the event, the 'nut', and the reaction within the news media.  So, my five observations:

1.  This guy was not connected to society, to people, or to civilization.  I see no evidence of him fitting into society.  He valued people at a level of zero or less.  One should note that he wasn't a foreigner that moved into the US.....he was born here and went through the school system like the rest of us.  But at the heart of the matter....he just wasn't part of society.

2.  Based on comments.....he reloaded at least three or four times.  No one ever seemed to rush him (at least it seems that way).  Any talk of eliminating bigger magazines or limiting the public to 5-round magazines....has zero impact as long as they can keep reloading.

3.  If one single guy on the inside of that club had a gun?  Yes, that is an interesting part to the story.  What they say is that a bouncer was at the front of the club (off-duty cop) and it's suggested that he was possibly armed (I personally doubt it) but he was the first guy killed.  On the inside?  No weapons.  Not one single bartender with a gun within reach.  One single shotgun, would have been sufficient.

4.  Fixing this mess?  If you are going to dump some Constitutional right.....given the opportunity....I'd say we dump freedom of religion over the Militia right.  Just be blunt and say freedom of religion is gone tomorrow.  If any of 1,000 religions in America show a tendency for violence?  Give them thirty days to pack up and leave the US, or terminate their religion.  Anyone showing inability to give up on their violent religion?  Ship up to some internment camp in North Dakota and let them simmer there for a year or two.

5.  If gays don't really grasp it.....maybe they ought to sit down and analyze what exactly the Quran says about LGBTs.  It's not a friendly statement.  Anyone of that community that supports the Muslim religion....probably isn't living in the real world, and is drifting in and out of some fantasy world......kinda like the Twilight Zone.

So, the countdown roughly ten days....this event will be forgotten.  Some folks in the community might put up a stone or memory statue in a year.....but basically, it's all just history in ten days.