Friday, 1 July 2016

Crystal Pepsi?

Back in the 1992/93 period, I was one of those people who tried Crystal Pepsi.  One single soda.

I read this week that Pepsi has decided to retry the market again for Crystal Pepsi.  It was dumped somewhere by the end of 1993.  What people say was that it really hyped up big in 1992 and they felt it had a real chance in the market.  Six months dropped big-time.  And they decided to just say adios.

Why bring it back now?  Unknown.

My gut feeling was that it tasted OK, but the sweet taste....wasn't exactly the same sweet as regular Pepsi.  In the prospective of going back week after week to drink the stuff?  No.  It's like Mellow's OK if there were nothing else to drink but otherwise, it's just not that great of a soda.

Why not invent another soda out of thin air?  I'm guessing some group of Pepsi engineers or lab guys....are awful attached to the Crystal drink.  They kept the recipe and kept trying to figure out some way of improving it and bringing it back.

As for this failing again?  If I were betting, I'd say better than a 75-percent chance it will fail within three years.