Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Hillary Defense

“She was unaware she was committing a crime. Here, there is no crime whatsoever.”

About a week ago, I was watching some news piece and the journalist noted that we'd start to see more and more people use the Hillary defense as part of their issue with a crime.  Today, in the New York Post....I noted that some local cop in NY City was under some review, and he'd invoked the Hillary defense.....claiming he didn't know what he did was a crime.

My humble guess....over the next decade.....on college campuses, in school rooms, within banking operations.....we will see more and more people invoke the Hillary defense and charm someone to get out of trouble.

Ten years ago, no one would have accepted that type of answer, and judges would have just grinned and slapped the guy or gal down a notch.  But today?  Things are different.  You can be a college graduate, and be stupid.  You can be some big-name CEO of a billion-dollar operation, and be stupid.  You can be the chancellor of a top-grade NCAA university, and be stupid.  You can be a NCAA football coach, and be stupid.  You can run for president, and be stupid.  It's all acceptable.

There used to be some point in society where we demanded people be accountable for their actions.   You didn't have to be a rocket scientist or show any Einstein potential.  You just needed to be wise enough and clever stay out of trouble.  Well....we've reached a stage where there just aren't enough rocket scientists or Einsteins out there.....and will have to accept some idiots who plead that they just don't know any better.

So don't get all hyped up over the lack of accountability.  After a nuke plant mishap where the Hillary defense is used, or some cruise liner sinks because of incompetence and the Hillary defense is used.....we will eventually drift back to the real world.  Reality will fall back into some point.