Sunday, 24 July 2016

Fixing Saunders

Sometime today (Sunday), the Democratic National Committee vice-chief (Brazile) will meet with the Bernie Saunders team in Philly to discuss the leaked emails and how the DNC itself helped to take Bernie down a notch or two.

In the real world....people would sue the DNC for millions and demand a recount.

But Bernie can't really go in that direction.

If I were Bernie, I'd have a list.

I'd want the DNC to pay every single remaining debt for the campaign, period, no exceptions.  This could amount to tens of millions.

I'd want the person at the DNC who orchestrated this to be fired immediately after the convention.

I'd want a personal guarantee of either an ambassadorship or cabinet post if Hillary wins.  Maybe going off to Sweden for two years would be a good way of starting retirement.

Finally, I'd ask for a Ford Mustang.....just to tease the DNC a bit.  Maybe they'd grant that....maybe not.

The question here....if the DNC hadn't done this gimmick....would Saunders have beaten Hillary Clinton?  The answer is unknown.

For some Saunders-supporters, there's anger about the DNC, and I'd would guess that 10-percent to 20-percent will just walk away....not voting this fall.  If they do's virtually guaranteed that Hillary won't win, and this slam against Saunders by the DNC....was another remarkable stumble for Hillary.