Thursday, 28 July 2016

All This Hillary Email and Phone Chats

As yesterday came and went, and WikiLeaks put out 29 phone conversations from their collection at the has to sit back and wonder if any of these idiots ever sat down and talked to their security and IT people.

Before the 1990s, conversations were mostly by phone or by letter.  Keeping topics secret was rather easy.  Ample laws were in place about bugging and life was very simple.

But in the last ten years, technology has been old-timers into a difficult position.  These people aren't grasping the change or the threat to their little empire.

Are the 29 taped conversations the ONLY conversations recorded and held by WikLeaks?  I kinda doubt it.  It might only be the start of some weekly episode where more taped conversations get released.

For Hillary and the chiefs within the DNC?  They have to be sitting there and wondering about all the calls they shared and what they might have spoken about that would not be taken well by the general public.  Hardcore Democrats will stand by Hillary....through thick and thin.  But once you cross the line toward independents?  They won't be so easily convinced.

It's been 104 years since we've had an election like this, and people so 'entertained'.  The funny thing is that we've got a hundred days more of this to go, and tons of potential things to occur. So sit back....get some popcorn, and enjoy the "show".