Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Carfentanil Story

This week, I read up on a piece about a new drug, which had a fair number of people dead after using it.  The mixture?  You basically take an elephant sedative (you know....the type that a vet would use on an elephant) and you blend it into heroin.

Carfentanil was already something that was one of the strongest opioids in the world.

So when this hits your blood kinda just lay there, and the heroin then settles in and there's not much happening except some false sense of reality.

Ten thousand more times more powerful than morphine?  Well....yeah.....that's the story from the medical side of the house.

The thing I could see out of this is that some idiots will be experimental and take Carfentanil with meth, cocaine, or a dozen other possibilities....maybe even LSD.

Who came up with this idea of blending an elephant sedative with Heroin?  That's a question that no one seems to ask.  It had to be some lab deal deal where they were just fooling around one day and shot some Carfentanil into an elephant with the Heroin-mixture.  Probably freaked out "Jumbo", and encouraged the lab idiots to go onto the next step of injecting themselves.

This kind of behavior just makes one scratch their head.  We are living in a period of time where you can just dream up some kind of 'high' and toss several crazy things into one single pot, and then you wake up four days later from daze and realize that you've been on an extended high for more than 72 hours and completely dehydrated to the point where your life is in danger.  Then you get crazy enough to repeat this again and again.

A Million Exiting the US?

Ever noticed since the 1990s....every time we have an election now.....there's countless numbers of folks who come up and say....if so-and-so wins, they will move to Canada?

I would take a guess that at least five thousand folks said this in 2000 when Bush was running against Gore.  How many moved after Bush won?  Probably less than three people.

The same threat was made in 2008, between McCain and Obama.  At least a thousand Republicans made the stupid threat that they'd leave the US if Obama won, and probably forty-thousand Democrats made it if McCain won.

Here in this election?  I'd take a guess that at least 300,000 Republicans have vowed to move to Canada if Hillary wins.....and at least two million Democrats have vowed to move to Canada if Trump wins.

The thing is's always Canada.  Ever noticed that?

No one ever says Honduras, Mexico, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany or Sweden.

If you brought this topic up with most Canadians.....I'd bet that most would ask why the hell do these Americans always whip up fake enthusiasm to move to Canada.....then never carry out the threat?  The simple reason.....I think if you dig into that the idiot American always thinks about winters in Canada, and comes back to reality that they can't handle that type of harsh winter situation.  So it's all a fake threat.

Personally, I'd like for these people....on both sides of make a simpler threat....that they would move to Idaho or Mississippi if so-and-so wins.

You'd think that some Fox show or CNN show would start up.....helping these people with the threats of moving to Canada get accustomed to Canadian ways or beer.  Maybe a show entitled "Cruising to Canada with Calvin" and just make sure you know what you threatening to do.

The other question I'd have.....are there more men to women who make this threat?  It's rare that I hear some women make the it a guy thing.....wanting to move to Canada and just looking for a stupid reason?

Maybe one of the networks will start up a fall comedy series.....some poor Democratic guy who made the threat, and Hillary he's moved his family to Canada and discovered most of his neighbors are right-wing conservative Canadians.

So, I'm sorry if I'm not taking these threats serious.  It's just that over the twenty years.....we should have lost two or three million Americans to Canada, and in real terms....there's probably not more than a hundred that moved....and their reason was mostly because of the lusty Canadian women, or desiring rustic living.....not to escape American politics.

Journalism and Politics

For roughly twelve months, journalists of various types played down the Trump enthusiasm within the heartland of the US.  Every week, you'd get twenty-odd pieces on how Trump couldn't win, or how Trump was a fraud, or how Jeb would come and win big in the late January period of primaries.

Now?  Now, you get various journalists who are trying to tell the public how Trump enthusiasm occurred....even though the same characters misread everything six to twelve months ago.

If you go back two weeks ago....among all of the emails from the DNC that got released via WikiLeaks.....there's various emails that were loaded with quotes and ready-built....for journalists to take, cut and paste, and pretend that they wrote original material (when they didn't).  You almost get the opinion that journalists of today, can't interview....can't write original material.....and can't find any way to travel into the heartland and talk to real people.

Thirty years ago, most Americans were left to four networks (PBS, NBC, CBS, and ABC).....the NY Times, Washington Post.....and their local newspaper.  Toss in Paul Harvey News and Commentary, and maybe the weekly copy of NewsWeak and Time.....and that was your whole view of the world.  Today?  There are probably twenty different TV networks that can deliver some political news, and a guy could be reading a hundred different newspapers or sites.  Time and NewsWeak?  They've both lost a huge segment of their audience and today barely exist.

Generally, I think half of the American public has lost respect for journalists and have an inherent disbelief in whatever story is being told.  So, when some idiot comes up to tell why Trump enthusiasm exists like it is....the truth's just not a believable story.

I read a piece this morning where some idiot journalist tried to convey in one article of a thousand words....the word "Trump" and "Hitler".  Both were mentioned at least twenty times each in the article.

The problem with this association-type that half the public is of an age where they really don't know much about this Hitler guy, and some of the twenty-somethings might imagine this Hitler-guy is a Texas punk-rocker on meth.  Some of the readers of the article might come to ask isn't there some comparison between Hillary and Hitler possible?

The question over where the enthusiasm for Trump?  It's what you get when fake politics has been played for two or three decades, and the general public (Republicans and Democrats) figure out the whole opera setting and script.  As much as journalism thinks they are some gift to the public.....they've pushed themselves into the corner and made themselves part of the problem, rather than the solution.

So, settle back for a hundred days of hard campaigning, and dozens more articles trying to compare Hitler and Trump.