Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Thing About Unfit Folks

I sat and read through a fair amount of political chatter today over the reference of the President saying Trump was "unfit" for the job.

So I sat there and kinda asked the stupid many unfit folks have I come across in my life that held jobs?

To be honest in the Air Force....if you were of the rank of E-4 or matter how stupid you were fit for the job.  You could be lazy....foolish.....dimwitted....brainless....thick-headed....sluggish....and moronic....but it didn't matter.  We'd get the job done with someone supervising you and getting you to shovel sand, pour concrete, or paint rocks white.

It took me ten years to realize that yeah....we could even take junior officers (2Lt, 1st, and Captains) who were "unfit" and get some production out of them as well.  In the background would be some mid-grade NCO or senior NCO.....who would drag Lt Jones or Captain Betty to the finish line and make sure they did what had to be done.

Along about the 15th year of my career.....I eventually figured out that you could have an unfit senior NCO or Chief....and you could drag them to the finish-line as well.  They could be drunks or just 1 star marginal performers.....that was Ok.

Along about my 20th year of my career....I came to realize that you could have an unfit commander, or even an unfit general around.....and folks would work hard to get them to some successful point.  Lazy, foolish, stupid or didn't matter.  Some folks even got medals for being successful unfit leaders.

A couple of years ago, after finishing up time in the Pentagon and DC.....I came to realize there are tons of government workers, Congressmen, Senators, and likely Presidents around.....who are unfit for the job they occupy.  They pretend to do something of significance.....but frankly, their resume consist of eight to ten lines and they can't make a decision without six people telling what to do or how to do it.

Is Bill Gates really fit to be a CEO?  Probably not.  Is Matt Lauer from the Today Show unfit for his job?  Probably so, but you'd have to replace Matt with another loser and unfit why waste time firing the guy?

The twenty-five guys who play for the Yankees?  Well....there might be five or six who are fit, and the rest are losers or unfit for duty with the Yankees.

Is Nick Saben qualified and fit for his job with the University of Alabama football team?  Probably so.  But if he was unfit, and a fake and a fraud....but still winning wouldn't care.

In Alabama, we even had an unfit guy for governor, who hired out some unfit gal to tell him what to do and how to do it.  He did figure out that she was unfit, and fired her.....and he's still governor today (until we get him impeached or arrested for something).

We are mostly a nation of unfits.   Some unfits work out.....some don't.

I mean, you could go from some professor job, to some state senate job, and then onto a US senator job for three years, and then become president....yet be mostly unfit for the job. Or you could be some general operations chief of some baseball team.....then run for governor of Texas.....and then end up as president of the United States, and still be unfit.  Or you could marry some political guy.....move around with him for two decades....move to New York and become a Senator overnight, and eight years later become Secretary of State, with a eight-line resume and be mostly unfit for any real job.

So, don't all excited when someone chats up unfit.  Look around the room for a minute at the six other guys there, and the odds are that at least two ought to be Dairy Queen managers (not the executive type but the guy in charge of the burger flipping), and one guy ought to be the tire stock guy at Wal-Mart.  We just don't have enough fit guys for all the real jobs in it's a trend that we get them up into management and leadership positions.  Hopefully, they can fake everyone out enough.

Maybe this Trump dude is a loser, but since we've had an unfit Bush, an unfit Obama, and an unfit Hillary Clinton as both senator and secretary of won't hurt to let another unfit guy into the mix of things.