Saturday, 6 August 2016

Republicans for Hillary

On the personal doesn't bother me if some guy wants to claim he is a Republican and has decided to vote for Hillary.  If some ages-old Democrat says he wants to vote for Trump, then it's their choice.....I could care less.

When you have some guy who has been through the voting process, and for a decade, or two decades, or three decades.....they've claimed to be some Republican, and gotten contributions via local, state, or national efforts.....and they say they must vote for Hillary this time around because of their "NO-TRUMP" feeling, I'm just shaking my head.

What happens after November to these people, if Trump wins?

Well, Trump will begin to take control of the national committee for the GOP.  There will be a list of Governors, Senators, Representatives, etc.....who voiced their support for Hillary.

I don't think the Trump GOP people will terminate these people from the party, but they will run active real GOP members against them in the next election and limit funding from the national apparatus.

So, if you were some Representative from California who has been around for fifteen years and listed as a Republican, yet voiced support for Hillary.....two things will possibly occur.

First, you probably won't get any decent committee positions and you will be sitting there to draw a check.

Second, your only recovery for your to flip from the Republicans to the Democrats.

You might as well accept it....there are roughly fifty characters who have some kind of office and claim themselves to be Republicans....who won't be progressing anymore because of their advocacy for Hillary.  They will return to small towns.....sell cars....become community college directors....or reach the status of 'lobbyist'.  It's their decision.

The idea that Senator such-and-such could be a Republican and voice his support to vote for Hillary?  At best, he might be able to convince five individuals back in his home state to go the same way.  It just isn't something that you want to fall upon your sword and be recognized for in the decade ahead.

If you had said two years ago, that some Republicans in the House or Senate would be supporting Hillary.....I would have laughed and said 'impossible'.  But we've reached the point of stupidity where guys can't think straight and have lost their common sense.  If you ever sit in the presence of these guys.....simply ask them what great accomplishment in life has Hillary earn their endorsement?  Watch them grin.....because there just isn't anything they can speak much about. But hey.....endorsing someone doesn't take brains, as demonstrated here.