Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ten Things That I Tend to Notice

1.  Off and on, for this Olympics coverage, I've watched about four hours of events.  It's rather odd, they pull the camera back at almost every arena or stadium, and you are looking at fifty-percent of the seats empty.....for every single event that I've watched.  Last night was some swimming competition....with half the seats empty.  No one says nothing about hotels in Rio, but you get the impression that the big crowds haven't arrived.

2.  With all this Zika mosquito virus talk in Florida.....you just wonder if they ever spray for mosquitoes in this neighborhood or town.

3.  The military, after almost twenty-five years of running the body-mass index business as their weight or body appearance "gimmick".....have admitted that it was mostly a failure in terms of getting people physically in shape.  In fact, they have now taken the whole program away from the Personnel Affairs people, and put it into the hands of fitness folks.  Amazing, it only took twenty-five years for that to happen.

4.  It took nine years for the FDA to decide that they needed to study and approve every single vapor-delivery device for tobacco smokers/inhalers.  They allowed these simply to be packaged and sold....without anyone ever studying the device or the additives put into the inhaler.  Go and sit and ponder upon this way of doing business.....and now having to correct behavior....nine years later.

5.  If you read deep into the entertainment news.....NBC went out and bought the rights to "Harry Potter".  What does this mean?  Somewhere two or three years into the future....some new TV series will appear.....with the Potter-team and try to run a hour-long series each week with witches and warlocks in battle against various demons and evil characters.  Do you really need that?

6.  There seems to be some small group of big-wig Republicans all hyping up how they can't vote for Trump and can vote for Hillary.  Strangely enough.....none of them can cite anything of resume fillers for the past sixteen years of effort by Hillary.  Maybe there's some sword to fall upon....but it's like they took off hyping Tab as a great soda drink and have never sipped the stuff in their life.

7.  If you go and read up on the after-life of the Bernie-supporters.....roughly one-third of them will swear they won't vote for Hillary.  They may not vote for Trump either.....which means they either vote for the Green Party candidate or stay home. In any case, it's a dismal moment for the Hillary campaign people to realize that you could be talking about 4,000,000 votes across the whole US....which aren't in play for the November election.

8.  No one says much.....but if you count up.....there's been roughly 4,000 days without a major hurricane hitting the US (24 Oct 2005, that was the last one).  An odd thing?  Yeah.  Go and ask your weather guy to explain this, and he can't really give you a decent paragraph to answer the question.  Some Jesus-factor, or just plain luck?

9.  After watching two interviews of Hillary this past week.....I am convinced that if you asked her to define what classified is.....she couldn't give you a simple three-line sentence to explain it from unclassified material.  She'd have no idea what you were talking about and it just seems like she never sat through any training seminar in her entire life.

10.  I sat and watched the French version (the nudie uncut version) of Barbarella last night (well, at least 30 minutes of it).....from 1968.  It was an Italian-French science fiction piece with Jane Fonda.  First, the acting was marginal.  Second, the story probably could have been written by a 12-year-old kid.  Third, the graphics in the background are cheap and lousy.  With the exception of the boobie shots in the first five minutes....there's virtually nothing about the movie to hold your attention after the 10th minute of the movie.  How this became a cult-classic?  You'd have to dope me up and give me half-a-bottle of Irish whiskey.....to get me hyped over the movie.  Amusingly enough, they didn't even run this on the regular German channel....but on the German-French Arte channel, which only does artsy stuff.  On my list of the ten worst movies of all time.....Barbarella just made it.