Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The 50 Idiots

I sat today.....looking over this crowd of former Reagan, Bush I and Bush II dimwits....fifty in number (precisely), who has said that Trump isn't qualified for the job, and you should not vote for him.

I sat there....on the first problem....basically, they don't say to vote for Hillary but you consider there's only two idiots in the race, so it's one or the other.  So these brilliant but stupid idiots who worked for Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, and the Saudis (yeah go check the references for all fifty.....lobbyists, foundations, etc....back to some Saudi connection).  The brilliance of voting for Hillary?  They don't tell you that....but just don't vote for Trump.

The second problem.....why precisely 50?  Nothing ever gets to that amount of precision.  Ask some farmer.

Was Bush II ever really that qualified?  No.  Did any of these idiots come up to suggest not to vote for Bush II?  No.  Odd, isn't it.....a character with no real knowledge or competence, but they couldn't bring themselves to say that over him?

What would I do as Trump?  After November's win.....I'd send a letter to each and let them know that they aren't going to be cleared for any security clearance in the future, and zero chance they will get any insider lobby chances with his administration.  In fact, I'd note each of their lobbies and try to ensure they get blackballed.

To sit there and think that these GOP pretenders want you to vote for Hillary?  It's just a remarkable bit of stupid that they advocate.  Not even once....are they concerned about how stupid they look in a professional way.