Thursday, 11 August 2016

One Remarkable Event of the Obama Administration

After eight years of the Obama Administration.....there are plenty of screw-ups to talk about....probably in the same number and level as the Bush Administration.

My favorite all-time loser episode....came around mid-Feb of 2009.

The President needed to show some heavyweight nature early on in the Administration.....with the banking business going south.

So, someone suggested and he have one single morning with roughly 130 of the great minds of politics, banking and business to meet at the White House.  All on the same morning.

Toss in the Administration people who were mostly there to connect and chit-chat.....then there were 24 Senators, 29 House members, and 56 Community, business, banking and worldly guys.  They were supposed to break off into five or six groups....and have a couple of suggested topics and someone sitting in each group to get ideas.

I'm guessing that some free food was served out front.....plenty of coffee....donuts....pastries....etc.

From this mess, you can deduce four observations.

First, the White House walked into the Presidency early on, with no real idea about how screwed up things were, how desperate the bankers were to get a special deal for their operations, or how the public really wanted things fixed.

Second, you got an immediate idea that they really didn't know how to manage meetings and felt that "more was better".....when any business guy would tell you otherwise.

Third, in three hours....with a bunch of hyped political talkers.....this meeting likely got worse and worse as each hour passed.

Fourth, it was an early indication that this crew didn't really have a handle on the economic mess and were just feeling around for some agenda that would make the journalists happy.

If you brought up this meeting one would really remember the episode or how it went.  I doubt if the President even remembers the day.

How many of the ideas were taken and used?  Unknown.  There might have been 3,000 ideas generated that morning, and only four accepted and implemented.  We have no idea today just how that effort worked.