Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Magic Question

"The American public doesn’t understand that Hillary Clinton is telling the truth about her classified emails because government classification issues are “too complicated to explain to people.”

-- Bill Clinton

It's an interesting quote that Bill delivered.

Every year, via the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines....along with another 10,000 folks who get into Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA....there's a training seminar of teach you about classifications, proper use of security, and the differences in protecting information.

It's designed in a way that even the lowest private in the Army.....can easily pick it up in about an hour.  It's not rocket science or built like any fancy language such as Latin.

To be honest, if you've been around classified for five years or more, and can't really explain the difference in the terms or how to protect classified.....then you are fairly stupid.

So, I'm just stupid is Hillary?  And how stupid is Bill for defending Bill for being stupid?

Bama Native in Pakistan?

I tend to follow German news, European news, world news, US news, and even Alabama news.

Today, oddly....there's this one story sitting out there.....which revolves around world news and Alabama news.

There's this guy.....Matthew Barrett.  He's actually from around where I grew up in north Alabama....near the Huntsville region.

Now, I will admit that some of us from Alabama are destined to walk a pretty good distance in life and go off to experience a number of things which most Alabama folks never get a chance to observe, consume, or be entertained by.

In Matthew's case.....he got some fascination about seven or eight years ago in Pakistan.  On my list of 185 countries in the world to go and visit....Pakistan sits right after North Korea and Iran.  For some odd reason, Matthew got all hyped up and peppy about Pakistan.

In 2011....the Pakistani authorities woke up one day and noticed this odd guy in an area where a sensitive military/intelligence installation was located and did some ID check on him.  American guy.....from Alabama....Mathew.  They don't talk about the meeting, the questions or the interrogation but I'd take a guess that they threw at least 500 questions at him.  While the label of "spy" seemed to be the likely choice.....after a while, they just got to some point of thinking that this guy just ain't right.

In Alabama, we have a fair number of folks....who just aren't "right".  This will be the crowd that you'd like to say were crazy but since we have so many of this type in Alabama at present.....we tend to say that they are "special".

Matthew had been in Pakistan for a couple of years (maybe four).....up until this ID check business.  He'd married some Pakistani gal.....had two kids....and had some kind of profession.  We are not sure about this profession.  No one says much over this.  If he was paying taxes and not getting's hard to see why they'd be disturbed about the guy.  Course, I should note that this is the area of the world where opium poppies are grown illegally.....not to say that was his cash crop.

So, Matthew came back into Pakistan.....did a visa application and was accepted (even though he's supposed to be on a bad-boy list, and this appears that the bad-boy list topic came up.  So they rounded up Matthew once again, and this time.....say he will be expelled.  Back to Alabama once again.

My guess?  There's just something of a fine nature drawing Matthew back to Pakistan and in six months.....he'll sneak back into the country.  From the Pakistani prospective.....they don't want a large contingent of Alabama folks getting some fancy ideas about touring Pakistan or moving there to set up some trailer-park.  It'd be like in Alabama....if a bunch of New York City people started to show up in Huntsville and buy up property and start to bring strange habits and customers into the Tennessee Valley area.  You just can't allow something like this to start up.

Blacklisted in Pakistan?  It's a label that would get you a reputation in Alabama.  Folks at the local Piggly Wiggly or bar-b-q shack would chat up this topic if you walked in and were the blacklisted guy.  Most folks can claim they were blacklisted at Wal-Mart or some casino in Mississippi.....but to say you were "Pakistan-blacklisted".....well, that's a one-of-a-kind type blacklist.  You'd be the only guy in the state with that label.

The "Einstein" Republicans

This week, it came up that this effort discussed and talked about in Republicans have a state-mandated citizenship test for voters to pass if they wanted to have permission to vote.....fell apart.  Mostly because in the test phase of the test....Republicans representatives of the state.....failed the test miserably (17 of 98 folks failed the multiple-choice test).

There probably wasn't a lot of enthusiasm politically to make this a reality.

The plain truth is that most folks barely learned much in high school civics.....perhaps enough to fill up a dozen 3x5 cards by age 30.  If they went onto college....maybe they could forty such 3x5 cards but it really doesn't increase the comfort level of having a vote and casting it in a thoughtful fashion.

Typically, with a multiple-choice test.....if you wanted to really help the people taking it.....there will be two obvious answers which are ID'ed real quick as fake or false.  So from that point on, it's a fifty-fifty shot if you got the answer right.

But here's the thing that you ought to ponder about.  You get these idiot Republicans who come up and want to chase people around on the Constitution, American history, and patriotic facts.  About half the time, you come to realize that the idiot memorized about half of what he's talking about and then he hits some brick wall.....with zero knowledge.  He wanted to impress you and get you all misty-eyed over America, but after the brick-wall just sit there wondering what that bogus act was all about.

So, if you live in Texas.....don't worry.....there's no multiple-choice test coming up for you to get the right to vote.  You can still vote for the idiot Republicans.....or the idiot Democrats....without any real conviction or thrills.