Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Health and Presidents

Lately in the news....the topic of Hillary's health has come up.  From a historical prospective....there are various President who had really bad health prior to the Presidency and some in the midst of the Presidency.

Wilson's stroke least for the last eighteen months of the Presidency....basically left him unable to do much of anything.

But I tend to regard Warren G. Harding at the top of the list for bad health.

Before taking over in 1921.....if you look over the various historical pieces written....the guy had severe hypertension and serious evidence of diabetes.  He smoked a fair bit....chewed tobacco, and ran both cigarettes and cigars.

Harding in 1921 was noted at 200 pounds....which was hefty for his frame of 6-foot.  Between the weight, continued episodes of poor breathing.....he was continually tired and unable to put in a full eight-hour day.  Three years into his presidency.....he died of a heart attack.

If you looked at his health in 1919....he was one of those guys that you really didn't think the job was in his best was simply going to kill him sooner or later.

In the job of President prior to the rarely went anywhere and your day mostly involved things around the DC residence.  If you look at the job of today.....there's at least two or three trips every month of a fair distance....across the US or into Europe or Asia.  Toss in the fact that your work-day starts at 7AM and won't end on most days until's not a job for someone with stamina or health issues.....they are simply killing themselves for the job.

Personally, I think eventually some folks are going to say that an independent health assessment should be conducted by the party prior to each primary season and candidates in lousy health....ought to be told they aren't fit, and thus keep them out of the event.

One of the odd things that you can view from the Harding episode......if he'd survived the heart attack and later it was determined that he was bi-polar as a result of the heart-attack....but refused to step down.....there's nothing that Senate can do except to suggest impeachment.....but there's no law against having a bi-polar President around who goes off and gets crazy at times.

Pretty crazy....huh?