Friday, 19 August 2016

The Zika Future?

If you read deep enough into the Zika Virus stuff today....there's this report which suggests some scientists have come to this odd idea.....that it's not just pregnant women and unborn kids who should worry.....but just about every single adult who gets it.

What they suggest is that once you get infected....there's some business going on in the brain, and little by little.....bits and pieces of memory are being "washed".....slowly.

The bigger issue is that they haven't really done much research over this stuff, and it could take them five to ten years to really come up with facts of a major nature.

So, you sit and ponder.

You are 35 years old, a graduate of some college, and making $65,000 a year.  You are sharp and fairly clever. get bit by the Zika mosquito, and go through the minor episode of the virus.

Twelve months down the are doing one of those Japanese Sodoku number puzzles.  It's the type you should be able to complete in 12 minutes.  It takes you sixteen minutes to finish this one.  You think it's odd but just assume it's a bad day.

Six months pass, and you are deep into a project at work.....and you find that you are dragging out a book to review for common information that you used to remember easily.  It's all science and math stuff.....which you were easily doing two years ago.

A year will pass, and someone makes a comment at the office that you don't seem to be at your top level any more.  You blame it on stress and take two weeks of leave in Hawaii.  You come back and find that you don't remember the password to our laptop or your office email account.

You go to the doctor and ask for help.  They give you some tests but there's nothing conclusive except you seem to be slower than the average guy.  Off and on for two take various tests and they are trying to blame this on a brain 'freeze' or some stroke.

One day.....some guy suggests you do a Zika-related test and you are positive.

A month goes by and the expert sits down with you.  Here's the sad projection. He figures you have five to ten years of decent (meaning 7th-grade level) intelligence left.  Somewhere around age 50 (twelve years into your Zika episode) will reach the 3rd grade level of memory and intelligence.  You ask the doctor for advice, and he just says you need to prepare for some heavy-duty care.  He thinks that's the deepest point, and that your remainder of life.....will be that of some third-grade kid.

So, you start to look around.  In your company of 1,200've seen eighty people with the same symptoms.  You suspect that at least 200 people are infected.....maybe more.  Your boss might be Ok for a while, but he won't keep you around and paying you $65,000 a year.....if you are a third-grade capable adult with a degree.

How do we function as a society?  How do we fly planes, operate nuke plants, and run the US government?  Just something to think about.