Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ten Observations Over Politics in the Modern Era

1.  In some ways, politics have become like the TV show "Lost" toward the last season.  Viewers are mostly fed up by continual hype, false topics of discussion, ignorant DC political figures, wannabe-journalists, and fraudulent agendas.  It doesn't matter if you talk to Democrats or Republicans....they've all gotten frustration in their system that they'd fire some people.

2.  If you lined up the twenty-odd people who ran in both the Republican and Democratic primary.....forcing each to write their resume for you to view.....you end up with the vast majority giving you a 3x5 card instead of a full-page resume.  Seven lines of real accomplishment over their entire life.  Some people will even write they are married to so-and-so.....as some accomplishment for their political career.

3.  The news teams of the various network, along with the NY Times and Washington Post....have demonstrated themselves of being incapable of reporting or investigating anything.  Why they have all these reporters of inferior quality on their staffs and giving you two-star analysis is a total mystery.  The Sunday talk shows?  If you pulled up what existed in the late 1970s and compared to today.....you'd comment that something isn't quiet right.

4.  If we emerge out of the November election with Trump....I expect a continual tirade of news slanted articles and pieces....to the degree that people refuse to buy or read the NY Times or Washington Post.....or view CNN or Fox News.  By the end of 2017.....some news groups will be meeting and discussing cuts in budget because no one cares to hear the latest slant.  What will unemployed journalists do?  It might be interesting to ask them what their plan "B" occupation is.

5.  It's bad enough that even at the state level now.....people are hyped up and frustrated with their regional 'actors'.  They'd like to fire them.

6.  Things are actually bad enough....that ESPN....what was a former sports network, is today a sports and politics network.  People laugh about this, but they are serious.

7.  Every time that voter ID comes up as a topic and some intellectual wants to tell you the terrible woes of poor people getting to the poll station but they just don't have a photo ID and are denied the right to vote......I keep wondering what happens when they get a narcotic prescription from their doctor and go to the pharmacy....how they are turned away there from getting their wonder-drug and die?  But oddly, we can't see to cite a single case where people got turned away from drug stores and getting their narcotic drugs.  Odd....isn't it?

8.  If you gave a simple mental test to every Senator and Congressmen over the age of 65.....how many would pass?  Fifty-percent?  Seventy-percent?

9.  Most reporters who want to be your trusted source.....rarely go out into the heartland and talk to guys in barber shops or women in coffee shops.  To connect with the general American public.....is a hard task for a reporter in these modern times.

10.  Political debates in this modern era are mostly about who is asking the questions.....rather than who is answering the questions.