Friday, 26 August 2016

What My Resume Might Say

I sat this past week on the topic of resumes, and simple experiences.  I am retired for the most part....and it shouldn't even enter into my mind.  But I sat and contemplated all of the various skills or crafts that I got dragged my life:

- Farm craft (this is the level where you are allowed to operate the tractor, herd cows, cultivate, and haul hay without supervision)
- Snow removal (with one hour of orientation, I became a snow removal guy....even if I was from Alabama and had never seen more than one inch up until that moment of orientation).
- Concrete and asphalt
- Heavy equipment operator (Sarge gives you eight minutes of his time on X, Y and Z vehicles, then he signs you off.  I was qualified on a fire-truck once....which made no sense)
- Graphic arts (I've built probably 5,000 slides over my entire life)
- Librarian
- Analyst (you end explaining a forty-page problem in two minutes to some guy who has to make a decision on something that he has no knowledge about)
- Purchaser (you either help the idiot spend money, or you manage their credit card enough to ensure no one goes to jail)
- Lawn maintenance (the AF ensured I had lots of training in this art)
- Presentations (I basically gave speeches)
- Trainer
- Planner (you step in to plan what shouldn't have to be planned, or when emergencies occur that need people focused on the right outcome)
- Property manager (you make sure that things aren't lost, even when they appear to be)
- Building manager (you call the electrican or plumber, and ensure that things work like they should)
- Instructor
- Watch guy (you basically sit and wait for something to happen)
- Manager
- Sand-bag technician (you fill bags.....lots of bags....then stack them)
- Fork-lift operator
- Bus-driver
- Snack operation manager (you basically decide how the Coke-Pepsi-diet drink ratio works with an office of 30 people)
- Editor
- Child-behavior analyst (that's what you call a guy who has to ensure Lt's grow up and become real leaders)
- Base beautification technician (you paint rocks, trim hedges, and fake people out with 2-star landscaping efforts)
- Computer expert (you walk around with 300 3x5 cards of marginally useful information but know what cables to check, or how to reboot a computer, or know what the E42 error is on a HP laserjet printer).

At the end of all of this....the best you can say is that I was a multi-task guy who carried around 30,000 3x5 cards in my pocket.

Blacks and the Past Eight Years

Over the past couple of days....the White House has attempted to put out a theme that blacks in America are better off now.....than prior to 2008 (the Bush years).  It's mostly because Trump says.....nothing much has happened over the past eight why continue to vote for the Democrats if you didn't get nothing or improve.

It is a legit discussion.

If you were a black kid from a family that had some enthusiasm for college or some trade-craft.....I agree, you probably did pretty well, and it's a success story to some degree.  I won't say it matters who was President.....just that for the last eight your case, you did well.

If you were a black kid from a low-income enthusiasm for college or some real hope.....then you are at the same level as your dad was twenty years ago.  If you were flip burgers for someone, or do some kind of lawn maintenance job for the city.  Maybe you sell some great meth.  

I don't buy that there's any real difference between Republican or Democratic idiots who act as President.  You can go back over thirty years, and the only real change was the low-income jobs that Ronald Reagan brought along to most small communities.  The NAFTA gimmick?  It more or less destroyed jobs for the lesser people in America and other than pumping gas, cleaning toilets, flipping burgers, or driving long-haul trucks.....about a million Americans are sitting around and frustrated about reality in the nation today.

The idea of twisting the health care act into some massive benefit to the black community?  Ask most people what they paid in 2008, and what they pay today, and see how they view the gimmick.  I doubt that you find that many people who are happy about what happened.

Here's the thing.....what the black community needs is some access to trade-craftsman schools....NOT colleges.  They need a trade that opens the door toward employment.  Then they need real jobs, which are might be gained if NAFTA is dumped.  If you could find some candidate who could take a hundred unemployed black kids....ages 18 to 25.....and offer up some entry-level trade-craft situations for fifty-percent of them.....we'd all be better off.  People would have a real a a house taxes.....and be part of some bigger community.

I won't say the past eight years were zeroed-out years for the black community.....but I think most just sat there and kept waiting for for some 4th quarter repair-job.....that just never came.  Their guy.....with all the hopes pinned on him.....simply couldn't deliver much more than a good acting job.

This Trump option?  It's a crazy idea....but let's be honest....who is going to create jobs that have nothing to do with massive taxation and government funded jobs which don't really do much down the line except create more taxation to pay for the jobs?  I won't say the Trump option is sane or the best idea.....but if you only have two options.....maybe for some kinda of crazy job creation....Trump might make sense.