Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Colin Kaepernick

I've sat and watched for the past day or two.....this NFL episode breweing with the San Fran quaterback who won't stand for the national anthem.....mostly because it's going against black folks.

Some folks want to bring up that we are talking about a two-star marginally capable quarterback....Colin Kaepernick.  I would say that for the price involved.....his yearly pay scale as the back-up quarterback....he's worth the money but not the hassle.

His argument?  Things that represent America.....are negative.  It's slanted against minorities.  So, his stand....to represent his argument is to avoid standing for the anthem.

For a coach....it's a pretty dismal thing to have players on some social agenda.  Imagine if you had forty players on the team, and each one had a separate agenda and you continually found yourself trying to explain why this guy advocates this or slams that.

In this case....if I were the coach and the player was hyped up to sit during the national anthem.....I'd do the simplest thing possible....remove all seating from the sidelines....for the entire game.  Make every player stand.  If players aren't happy about it.....trade or release them.  If I were the opposing teams?  Every time that Kaepernick came on the field.....I'd play the national anthem.

By the end of this season.....I think Kaepernick will have moved on and found that no team in the NFL wants some social agenda player like himself on their team.  He's one of those guys that might want to review other career options.  

The Threat of Leaving

It always amazes in election years....that people come up and say that if so-and-so wins.....they are moving to Canada or some foreign country.

Prior to the Bush-Gore election....you just didn't have this type of stupid threat made by people.  Now?  You probably get at least forty VIP or entertainment folks who make the threat....usually if the Republican wins.  It's rare that some idiot Republican vows to leave the US if the Democrat wins.

My brother brought it up this week.....Barbra Streisand vowed to move to Australia if Trump wins.  My question originally with this.....has she ever been to Australia?  I mean....maybe around Sydney...seventy-five percent of folks are liberal-types and hyped on social stuff.....but once you leave town and head out into other regions.....most of Australia in my humble opinion is kinda conservative....like mid-west US.

Do these people ever research where they say they are going?  Maybe they made a trip there in the 1990s and remember the place fondly.

Did any of those folks who talked of going to Canada ever go?  As far as I know.....no one ever left.

No one ever says they will move to Mexico or Ireland or Argentina.....don't know why.

I came up last night and thought of this new idea.....a TV show based on some idiot who made the threat to leave the US, and actually ends up in some imaginary Central American country.....which they thought was paradise (by the description on the brochure) and it turned out to be some minor-league dictatorship.  It'd be a four-year show....which the guy would eventually have to be rescued....by the US Marines led by the guy who forced him into leaving.

My suggestion to folks who want to make such a threat.....you'd best know this country that you say you will be heading off to very well.....because if you get there and discover they are hyped-up conservatives to the max.....well, that will be a big problem.