Sunday, 4 September 2016

Taco Trucks?

I noticed last week that the subject of taco trucks got brought up.....and the general public asked if they wanted taco trucks on every street corner.

At some point in 2013, while still living around the DC area....I came to note that DC and Virginia had an abundant growth of various eatery trucks.

In the late 70s and throughout the 1980s....if you looked around, there just weren't that many eatery trucks in existence.  On Air Force installations....other than the useless AAFEs trucks (the BX operation eatry)....that was it.

In 1977 while around Sheppard AFB for three months....I had around a dozen opportunities to take a break and exit the class building.....and eat the AAFEs truck.  To be fair....the forty-year-old gal who ran the operation basically had a dozen-sandwiches....which mostly all one thin slice of some mystery meat....some mayonnaise.....and some cheap bread which was four or five days old.  You'd have some choices of chips, and five or six soda choices.  For roughly two wasn't a bad deal....but on the scale of was barely a "3" on a scale of one to ten.

Most of the AAFEs truck operations in Europe started to disappear in the 1990s.  They just couldn't compete.

The problem I see with the taco truck operations.....if you really dig down into these....the sanitation levels go from sub-zero (not just bad, but where you could get something really bad and end up in the hospital) pretty decent.   Jose number 1 might do a good job....and even Jose number 2 might do OK.  But you come along to Jose number 3 who got hired on a Monday and by Friday....there's two guys in the hospital because of his bad habits.

The other issue which comes up is that you have a fair number of people now who claim to be Mexicans but they aren't real Mexicans.  They will be illegals from Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Honduras, or even Haiti.  Fake Mexicans?  Yeah.

So when you walk up to a taco have to this a real Mexican taco truck, or a fake Mexican taco truck?  And when was the last time a real sanitation inspection was done on the vehicle?