Saturday, 10 September 2016

Yeah, Why Isn't Hillary Far Ahead?

The Washington Post wrote a big long piece which had only one central theme.....there seems to be a lack of support over Hillary here in early September and pure-hearted Democrats can't understand this.

Well....only to make seven basic observations:

1.  Go back to 2007/2008 and review Hillary in the primary period.  She just didn't catch on fire and attract a vast number of Democrats.  Shocking?  Candidate Obama didn't have the same funding as her but he gave five star speeches....something she can't deliver.  An entire primary period wasted and she proved over and over that there wasn't a great deal of thrills in her campaign.

2.  This email business keeps getting interesting.  To think, if she had just had TWO Blackberries and one was only for gov't business and other was her personal business phone....none of this email business would occur today.  The secret message business?  If she'd gotten actual real training and followed guidelines.....not a single classified message would have gone out.  You simply view all of this as a person who cuts corners....every single day.....every single hour.....every single minute.  The email business, in my humble opinion.....just won't ever go away.

3.  Physically, she was a hundred-percent in 2008.  Go back and review the videos on Youtube and look at the energy she had then for the primary.  Now?  She's tired and looking at maybe 60-percent the same energy that she had eight years ago.

4.  Who is this "Bill" guy?  Maybe reporters and people over the age of fifty remember Bill Clinton with a fondness.....but if you go and ask around to anyone under thirty years old.....Bill is ancient history.  When you drag him out and he reads off some script about Hillary, it has limited appeal.  Maybe he could whip up crowds in the 1990s....but twenty years have passed, and there's just no "whipping" left in Bill.

5.  So, all the people that you know that have a serious coughing attack on a regular will note about each one their medical condition and what they have.  Yet, Hillary has no medical condition?  And coughs regularly?  Yes, it is a Scooby-Doo type of mystery and you have to wonder just how far you can carry this fake no-condition cough business.

6.  What is the central theme of this election year?  Ask a dozen people this and you get various answers.  It's not the economy.  It's not a threat from Russia.  It's not a scandal from the White House.  There is no central theme.  Hillary is advertising herself as a new model car but there's nothing really big or special about this model.  2016 has proven itself to be a year about....mostly nothing (a Seinfeld episode almost).

7.  Lastly, it's this odd feeling that resume-wise and Hillary....there's nothing much of accomplishment over the last ten years.  There's a book or two written, and some speeches.....but beyond that.....even with the Clinton Foundation doing all of its marvelous work in Haiti....there's just not much to say.

So, Hillary isn't doing that well, and the solution?  You have eight weeks to create a miracle.  In the midst of will do three debates and hope like heck that she doesn't cough during these hour-long debates.  A cough or two......some lousy answers.....and the numbers dissolve.

In 2008, with McCain as the Republican choice.....she probably would have won.  That chance came and went.  History is what it is.