Sunday, 11 September 2016

This Anthem Business and Where It Leads Onto

From Friday night, it was noticed that a number of "kids" at high school football games were sitting or on one-knee for the national we've drifted down to the basic level of most Americans.

There are discussions already by various fans for NFL and NCAA football may even start to reach down to high school football.

All of even include local high school football....are marketed and require some profits to help finance the local team.  If you normally have 900 people show up at a local school game and you come to notice only 450 people sitting there....the rest on some boycott action....then you have to ask the next question....if this hurts the bottom line for the team and creates a problem on down the road.  New uniforms which would be "free" from high school each year for the team members....suddenly have a $20 price-tag attached.  Less people showing up....means less profit for the clubs which operate the drink concessions and food operations.

You can go and look at any NCAA football operation on a Saturday.  Forty-thousand people....fifteen thousand cars parked ($8 each)....drinks and food ($20 each)....local hotels being used (at least 2,000 rooms in any normal town)....t-shirts (you can figure six-thousand people will buy a shirt or cap for the day).  There's tons of money to be made at a regular NCAA football game. Get 12,000 to boycott the game?  That's a huge loss for a big operation.

If just ten-percent of the Sunday afternoon crowd gets upset and starts to watch a John Wayne movie instead of watching their normal Sunday afternoon football game.....there's trouble coming.

So I think by March of 2017....between local, NCAA, and NFL football....there will be various meetings and some people will point out that their product is suffering.  They lost viewers or profit.  Teams lay out the issue and it starts to affect operational cost and in the case of the NFL....salary structure would be affected by fewer fans.  If you are relying upon that NFL check and been pro-anthem before....the minute you see an anti-anthem guy goofing off or doing his anti-US might hustle him up and threaten him because his act is affecting your pay-check now.

My suggestion for the anti-anthem crowd....what exactly do you think you will get out of this?  Stop the national anthem from being played?  And that will improve your life in what manner?

Usually, if you are protesting something....there's an impact point.  Well, in this case.....there's zero impact point.  There's nothing to be gained other than attention.  It doesn't translate into change.

I'm not saying people are stupid....but if you intend to bring about real change in America.....on a level of one to ten.....this anthem business gimmick is a "1" at best.  It doesn't lead onto anything.  Maybe some folks need to rethink their process and find something of substance to work on.