Tuesday, 13 September 2016

If Hillary Choose to Leave the Race

I know.....people talk about this and they think it might happen, but here's the humble truth.

We are up to mid-September.  Most states have already started printing their ballots and their rules are now in a set pattern.  It's virtually impossible for most states to reverse this or take in some new candidate.

So if Hillary says she's bad off....the only choice is to keep her on the ballot and let the system go forward.  Maybe the sympathy vote would work, and the electoral college would have enough for the Hillary/Kaine to win.  Then because of her condition.....she'd step to the side and Kaine would become President on day one.

The job of the Electoral College in your state vote....is to go and vote for the candidate they are pledged to.

There was a point....maybe there within a week or two of the Convention where Hillary could have stepped down and something could have occurred.  But now?  No.

So, let's ask three simple questions.

1.  For the typical true-blue Democrat voter.....does any of this matter?  No.

2.  For the independent voter....does this matter?  Yeah.  They probably won't vote for someone bad-off or seriously ill.

3.  For the Republican voter.....does any of this matter?  No....it only proves they were right.

Personally, this ought to bring people back to the idea of only allowing people who are between forty-five and sixty.....to run for President.  I doubt if anyone wants to make rules on this but that ought to become the future norm.

As for Hillary?  She's been on this tangent since 2006.  A ten year episode to become President.  Who can blame her for masking everything and just trying to reach some lofty goal.  With a President who passes out weekly or during periods of stress?  Who'd agree that this is a good idea?

So settle back and enjoy the next eight weeks.  It should be entertaining.  She might surprise everyone with a miracle-like recovery from pneumonia in just ten days. For a 69-year-old to get completely over and all charged-up physically in that short of time.....it is absolutely a miracle.