Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Hillary Scenario

This is my silly Hillary fantasy scenario.

She wins in November (I know it’s wild).

Come January and the swearing in the midst of a bright sunny brilliant day....right as she’s supposed swear an oath...on the 4th word....she stops and does some head-shaking movement and eye-twitching.  Then she launches into a full-scale seizure.

The Chief Justice just stands there....trying to figure some plan B. Chelsea on one side and Bill on the other....are trying to hold her up and yelling at the justice to just keep going.

The Secret Service looks for a signal and then drag her off the stage. The VP gets his oath. Everyone exits the side-door.

She comes to 30 minutes later in the WH and seems ok, with the chief justice right there and they wrap up the ceremony in private. 

The press asks....what’s the deal? Oh it’s that Pneumonia thing. Over the next hundred days...she has four more seizures in public. One during some meeting with the French President and they hustle her back to the plane and fly back to DC in a huff.

Finally, the senate convenes and asks to impeach her. She now admits that she has Parkinsons....but argues about what stage that she’s in. She says just middle stage of one. Experts just stand there and say it can only be mid-way from two to three, period.

So then the idiot GOP senators long have you known that you had Parkinsons? Six months will be her answer....but the experts say it’s likely three to four years.

So they turn to the VP and ask this a surprise? Oh, he knew it in the summer of 2016. So by summer of 2017, they’ve impeached Hillary....with Kaine moved up but they refuse to accept his choice as VP (Sen Warren).

Arguments occur, and eventually some GOP guy says that they will accept former ex-VP Joe Biden. So Joe gets a call and ends up as VP once again. The press sits there in shock how all this unfolded and they just couldn’t figure this out.

Hillary is mostly shocked at being impeached....not over lying or corruption or any of the 300-odd things that she'd done in her life....but her health is the only thing that they were willing to impeach her upon.

Yep, a remarkable thing.....all that business that could have gotten her fired or sent off to some jail, and in the was the silly Parkinsons that did her in.