Saturday, 17 September 2016

Les Deplorables?

In 1862, Victor Hugo finally finished up a book that he'd written.....combining history and fiction....into some epic story of France.  The novel?  Les Miserables.

What can be said was that it was a story about the poor, the victims, the miserable public, and the landscape of France between the 1800s to the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris.  Law and order had failed France.  Leadership had failed France.  Civilization had failed France.  In the midst of this story, an ex-prisoner....Jean Valjean...has a chance to redeem himself.  Huge uses Valjean to show that life can return to order.

Over the years.....Les Miserables has been told in different ways, and even been made into an opera.

This week, after Hillary comment about the "deplorables" voting by Trump....some creative picked up the whole thing and set deplorables against the backdrop of Les Miserables.

Yesterday in Miami, Les Deplorables appeared for the crowd and got them all peppy.

What's going on?

France in this thirty-year period was miserable.  The public became increasingly negative about what they saw or felt.  It didn't matter what was all came to be a fraud or lie.

You see the same behavior and attitude out of most Americans.  They are tired of politics.  They are tired of the opera-like behavior out of the news networks.  They are tired of being led around from agenda to agenda.  They are tired of marginal leadership.  They are tired of politicians trying to be comedians or fake intellectuals.  They are tired of political gimmicks without any value.  The list goes on and on.

We are for the most part in the same landscape as France in this period before the June Rebellion.  We want something to change.

A Trump opera unfolding?  As silly as it's what the public desires.  If you are going to have fake politicians.....then lets go all the way.

The book by Hugo?  Few people realize that it was nearly 1,900 pages (in French) at the time, Today, when you go to typical book'll run to around 850 pages (more or less).....that it's been edited a fair bit and not the original piece by Hugo.  We can all admit....if you handed us 1,900 pages....maybe one guy out of 500 would read the whole book.

I think the Trump period in American history will amount to the same thing.....1,900 pages and simply too much to grasp or remember.  Generally, a good opera ends up with a fat lady singing toward the end.