Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Art Story

Back around 1790....this German intellectual....Immanual Kant...came up with this observation, which was published in a journal at the time.....that if you said something was art, then it was art.  Even if it was crappy and questionable in nature.....as long as you said it was art, it was art.

This week, some scientists released a study where they looked at the mental side of people and how they might be told something and thus believe it.  It kinda proves what Kant said 200 years ago.

I would argue that it generally works with politics and advertising.....just as much as art.  If you want to believe in something....whether it be Hillary or Trump, then you will believe and trust in that individual.

The same would be true with particular cars, where you believe that Ford is actually better than Chrysler.  Or you might be willing to believe charcoal grills are better than gas-grills.

Maybe it's a fault of the human mind or just the way we are set up to think.  It doesn't matter.  But now that you know this fact....does it make you question your favorability function in life?  Just because you favor vanilla ice cream over chocolate.....should you automatically go for the chocolate?  Maybe.  Or maybe you should root this weekend for Auburn instead of University of Alabama?  Well....maybe.

Course, there are those among us who simply look at some art and say it's 'crap', and automatically go off in a totally different direction.

Sadly, there is no test for this characteristic in life.  There ought to be, but we seem to have not put a priority on finding these sort of people.

So when your neighbor calls you over and shows you a $5,000 painting they bought in Atlanta of two naked ladies on a barn roof, and gets all chatty about their new "art", and you look at it and have the humble opinion that it "ain't art"......well, you might want to keep this humble opinion to yourself. Let's be honest, there's a need for some less-than-talented folks in life who can't make a living....to paint naked ladies on barns, and this fake art business is the best they can do.  Naturally, I won't go and advise anyone to start up some nude ladies on barns art.

We are what we are....in the end.