Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Five HIllary Screw-Ups

More or less.....I think the election is over now and it's just a trot by Trump to the finish the race.  What happened to Hillary?  Some things occurred this year and some have been going on for a decade or two.

1. This episode at the 9-11 Memorial will end up being one of the bigger stumbling points of her career.  It's a seizure.....pure and simple.  She can bluff her way around but no one really believes it.

2.  Taking the Secretary of State job.  It may have given her some prestige but if you ask what she actually did....resume-wise....for four's mostly nothing.

3.  The Clinton Foundation may have been a brilliant idea a decade ago, but over the past twelve you add up how she used it as Secretary of looks like a mafia unit.

4.  For eight lousy years, there were tons of big things that she could have done as Senator.  But she's basically got three or four lines of material that makes her look Presidential.....the rest?  Just filler and worthless.

5.  One gets this impression that there is just pure dislike between Hillary and the President.  They do these stupid one on one complimentary moments for the networks but it just look awful fake.

Maybe if she'd done better in Iowa in 2008, and hired smarter folks.....she would have won against Obama, and it would have been a cake-walk for her against McCain.  Obviously, she just didn't take Iowa serious or try to set herself as a better candidate.