Saturday, 24 September 2016

The "Macbeth" Riot

As things quiet down in Charlotte, North Carolina.....there is this odd comment about the cops, arrests made during the riot period, and the "players".  So, it's just laid out there.....70-percent of those arrested had out-of-state ID's on them.

It does lead people to ask questions.  Are there just not enough angry locals to conduct riots?  Are these specially-trained rioters who get bused to riots?  Since these are bussed-in rioters.....for several days....are they being put up at local hotels?  Are they getting per-Diem or food money for each day ($30 to $40)?  Is this a profession or money-paid occupation?

Naturally, there are no investigative journalists on this. That's probably one of the big shockers.  No one seems to care about out-of-state rioters.

How do you advertise for professional rioters?  Is there a Craigslist ad for this?  Is there a HR guy who asks six questions and signs you up?  Is there a bonus for a successful four-day riot situation?  Do you have to get arrested to collect on part of the bonus?  Do you have to have a picture ID to be a professional rioter?  Do professional rioters get paid in cash and avoid taxation?  If you were hired to riot in North Carolina.....shouldn't you be paying NC state taxes on your "income"?

If I were a state politician from NC.....I'd probably look at this and devise a simple law that says.....if you are arrested in the act of violence (rioting would be included) and your only ID is a non-NC ID.....then you need to pay a fee of some type (maybe $300) for special handling.  If you have no ID, then NC should hold you until you or your family can show what state you live in, and then assess a $300 fee if you come from another state.

What all of this says?  Locals didn't really care or make that big of a deal over what triggered to riot to occur.  That should worry some people.  In essence, it was a theater-production riot, and it should trigger people into sitting down and pondering who would sponsor something like this and why.  When we as a society reach a point where you can plan out and sponsor a "Macbeth" style theater production riot......then we are fairly screwed up as a society.