Monday, 26 September 2016

Global Right to Immigrate?

It's hard to say which idiot came up with the phrase or idea.  Over the weekend, Hillary put out some comment to the effect that people....globally....had some right to immigrate.  I sat and pondered over this a while today, and have come to five observations.

1.  If "Joe" spoke French and had some welding occupation (certificate included), and wanted to apply for French entry....and France had unemployment for welders at less than 5-percent, than I'd say fine....let Joe go and do this the right way and apply for France.

If Joe speaks no French, and has spent 12 years selling apples on the street....well....then applying for entry into France makes little sense and maybe he ought to stay where he is unless he wants to live in some French ghetto and whining about French culture constantly.

2.  If you go and look at most immigrants.....they want to go to countries on the A-list (US, Germany, Canada, England, France, etc).  Almost no one wants to go to countries on the B-list (Portugal, Mexico, Iceland, Honduras, Turkey, etc).

Before you get all pumped up about this global right to might want to throw some rule into the mix that maybe you'd have to accept living in Manitoba, Canada or Scotland.

3.  There are a lot of idiot who do no research.  So one day, they end up in Iceland and discover that in January, there's only 3 hours of sunlight, and in July....the sun really never sets.  They also discover that everything cost a lot in Iceland, and that Icelandic women are fairly tough women.

Over and over, I see countless examples where some idiot was all hyped up to immigrate somewhere and woke up 100 days later to say that this was a terrible mistake.  Course, maybe with Hillary's suggestion.....globally....everyone has the right to be an idiot as well.  Well.....maybe.

4.  At some point of introduction.....someone ought to explain the migrant or immigrant....that since he's 30-odd years old....even if he were to work for the next 35 years....he won't make more than X-amount on pension or social security.....which won't be enough to survive.  Those missing years....coming out of such-and-such country....basically screw him over big-time.

5.  Here's the odd factor which no one talks about.  Just about every single migrant or immigrant that you end up accepting....has some priority in moving to a highly urbanized area.  They seem to generally think (doesn't matter if we are talking Canada, Germany or UK), that the urban areas are the only places where they can identify with or find work.  So, there's this vast need for housing (cheap housing) in urbanized areas, but to be one is building structures to meet this kind of need.

Where did Hillary get this 'right to immigrate' idea?  It might be interesting to ask see if it's just something that a Clinton Foundation player paid into the pot to get her to say that.